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UNDP will allow all forces in the country, to speak the same langauge, Peace and to work

Together in the same interest of

the nation, such is the Challenge

that We shall face together.


Abuabcar Baldé






Abubacar Baldé his Service to the Country :

From June 1986 Till 1989, he was Secretary of State for Fisheries.
From 1990 Till the end of 1994, Minister of Interior.
From 1995 to 1997 - Minister of Public Service and labor.

At the end of the year 1997 - He founded the political party UNDP.
During the year 1991, as Minister of Interior, he made the transition from single party

to multiparty (political openness).
In 1994, he organized the first democratic elections free and transparent in


Since May 2010, Mr. Balde Abubacar was invited to put his experiences at the service of the Nation. As Minister of State and Special Advisor for the President.

Since the 23th may 2012 Mr. Baldé Abubacar joined the national unity government, to serve the nation. And once again to put its experiences at the service of the Nation. As Ministry of Commerce, Cottage Industry, and Valorization of Locally Products.

In a new inclusive government, June 7, 2013, the state has renewed its confidence in Mr. Abubacar Baldé on renewing his post as Ministry of Commerce, Cottage Industry, and Valorization of Locally Products.











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