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UNDP will allow all forces in the country, to speak the same langauge, Peace and to work

Together in the same interest of

the nation, such is the Challenge

that We shall face together.


Abuabcar Baldé


The initiatives of Mr. Baldé, when the country was in difficult, Guinea-Bissau and its people.

All meetings have been conducted abroad, between the deceased President João Bernardo Vieira and the deceased General Ansumane Mané commander of the military junta, at Togo, at Nigeria and Gambia.
I took the initiative to organize a meeting between the two in the country that took place in the European Union delegation in Bissau on 14 February 1999 in the presence of EU Commissioner Emma Bonino, President Nino Vieira and General Ansumane Mané.

I was the initiator of this meeting in the closed office, and we then asked the Commissioner and the delegate to let us discuss between Guinean. We three, after discussion, that day, a national unity government took office and were the end of the war.

I was received by a delegation of the Security Council at UN headquarters in Bissau in July 2003 drawing attention to the problem of Guinea-Bissau. It must be solved by the Guineans on the basis of dialogue, this time; the representative of UNIOGBIS was Mr. Nana Sinkam.

On 16 April 2005 on the eve of the presidential elections all the candidates were received from the Hotel Hoti Bissau by President Obasanjo of Nigeria who presided over the AU, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal, President Tanja of Niger and the Prime Minister of Guinea Conakry. Using the words of President Obasanjo who said that, within 48 hours send 10 million U.S. dollars. In the presence of all parties and the government, I took the floor to draw attention to the fact that Guinea-Bissau has serious problems that must be resolved through dialogue between us. The elections are not the priority now. But President Obasanjo to keep the $ 10 million and send us a delegation to the dialogue among Guineans. But we have not been heard.

In 2008, for the parliamentary elections in November, I attended a debate between policies through the media. I once again drew attention to Guinea that elections are not the priority at this time. We need to sit down and discuss the problems we have in this country. In the debate, I proposed a national conference with the participation of politicians, civil society, t
raditional regulated persons, military and paramilitary forces to attack the root of the problem of Guinea-Bissau. But we have not been heard from again.

From March 2009 to date, these successive events could be avoided if we had taken into account our proposals.

In politics for example, all eyes are made the same way, but all eyes do not see the same things, i.e.: we are all politicians in Guinea-Bissau, but with different views.



Abubacar Baldé












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