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UNDP will allow all forces in the country, to speak the same langauge, Peace and to work

Together in the same interest of

the nation, such is the Challenge

that We shall face together.


Abubacar Baldé




The UNDP (Union National for Democracy and Progress), was founded in Bissau on 05 December 1997, is a national party that fights for peace, justice and progress for the protection of the interests of the population of Guinea-Bissau and full respect for the inalienable values of human rights.

The UNDP is to mobilize energies and desires to create a sense of confidence in the future of the country, helping to confirm and consolidate the democratic and get option for developing new ways based on peace and social justice.

The implementation of the objectives of the UNDP, should be provided in respect of the Republican Constitution and the laws and rules of democratic coexistence in the framework of political pluralism and rejection of violence and acts that obstruct the dialogue and consultation with other political forces and civil society.





Abubacar Baldé





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